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Meet Juan

Meet Juan from California. Juan is 5 years old and has Down syndrome. Juan has lots of love to give,
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Meet Coleman

Meet Coleman from California. Coleman is 14 years old and has Down syndrome. Coleman born in 2002 is a polite
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Meet Javier

Meet Javier from Kansas. Javier is 15 years old and has Down syndrome. Javier loves taking walks and going for
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Meet Logan

Meet Logan from Michigan. Logan is 15 and has Mosaic Down syndrome. He has severe and multiple impairments. Logan has
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Meet Raymear

Meet Raymear from New Jersey. Raymear is 18 years old and is still available to be adopted. Raymear has Down
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Meet Glen and Eric

Meet Glen and Eric from Florida. Glen is 16 and Eric is 12 years old. Glen and Eric are two
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Meet Alijah

TEXAS FAMILIES ONLY…Meet Alijah from Texas. Alijah is 2 years old; he is a loving and social child. He enjoys
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Meet Phalen

Meet Phalen from North Carolina. Phalen is 9 years old and has Down syndrome. Phalen is an affectionate, loving and
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Meet Cheyenne

Meet Cheyenne from Tennessee. Cheyenne is 14 years old and has Down syndrome. TENNESSEE FAMILIES ONLY BEING CONSIDERED. Cheyenne is
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Ismaiel Has Been Placed with One of Our Families!

Meet Ismaiel from California. Ismaiel is 9 months and has Down syndrome. He has brown hair and brown eyes.  He
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