Meet Airiana

Meet Airiana from Oregon. Airiana is 3 years old and has Down syndrome.

Watching Airiana cuddle and care for her “baby” doll is the sweetest thing to behold; that baby doll needs a lot of diaper changes!

Airiana is an outgoing and friendly cutie pie! She has a great personality and smiles and laughs easily. Always on the go, she is an outdoor adventure girl, rain or shine! She loves going for walks, climbing and exploring. For indoor activities Airiana will cook up a meal on her play kitchen to share or she can be found racing through the house pushing her doll stroller as fast as she can. When Airiana is spending quality family time she likes to be tickled and laugh or slow down for a moment to cuddle before she is back into action. Airiana loves musical instruments and music and would love dance parties and being part of a “band” with her family.

Airiana loves attention from everyone and she is very interested in other children. She participates in a weekly group at the local library and would appreciate a family that would continue to engage her in play groups or parent/child activities. Like many children her age, Airiana is still learning social skills and has difficulty sharing and at times. She responds well to gentle supervision and guidance.

Airiana does well with pets and does her best to be loving and gentle with them. Airiana needs a caring adult to help put her to bed and loves to be rocked and gently sung or talked to while she falls asleep. Airiana will eat most foods and is an exuberant eater; don’t be surprised if food ends up everywhere during a meal!

Airiana has a tight bond with important members of her birth family. An adoptive family will need to be open to maintaining and nurturing appropriate relative relationships. Airiana is legally free to be adopted.

Airiana is non-verbal at this time and she is doing a great job of mastering different signs to help her communicate. An adoptive family would need to be familiar with sign language or open to learning it to help with Airiana’s communication skills. Airiana’s special needs are currently monitored and she is supported by a team of experts. Prospective adoptive families will need knowledge of Down syndrome and its range of impacts.

Airiana is a wonderful and engaging little girl. She will need a family that is active and likes participating in a variety of activities. Airiana would do well as an only child or with older siblings. She needs a family with a flexible schedule and the time to meet her needs. A family will need to be there throughout her life into adulthood for ongoing support and connection.

There are NO fees for Airiana’s adoption.

In order to be considered for Airiana, YOU MUST HAVE A HOME STUDY COMPLETED BY YOUR STATE OR AN ADOPTION AGENCY.  Oregon is an “Agency-Only” state. If you have a home study, visit her page here.

If you are interested in Airiana and you are on the NDSAN registry, please email Stephanie and she will follow up with you.

If you are interested in adoption and do NOT have a home study, please start here.

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