Meet Raymear

Meet Raymear from New Jersey. Raymear is 18 years old and is still available to be adopted. Raymear has Down syndrome and is described as a loving and engaging child. He often gives a hug when greeting, and an enthusiastic high-five when parting. He blossoms when receiving one-on-one attention. He affectionately calls the names of those he endears and is in the process of learning the names of his classmates. Raymear is eager to help and finds pleasure in learning tasks and completing chores. He uses his IPAD and computer when relaxing and for fun he swims dances and listens to music. Raymear is delayed in all areas. However he continues to make great progress. He is fully mobile and enjoys eating. As Raymear transitions into adulthood he will need a committed and loving forever home to support him throughout adulthood.

There are NO fees for Raymear’s adoption.

You can view Raymear’s profile on AdoptUSKids here. If you have an interest in Raymear, you can contact his workers on this site.

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