Giving to NDSAN

Thank you for your consideration of making a financial gift to support the work we do to serve expectant parents, adoptive families and ultimately children with Down syndrome. It is through the support of generous donors that we are able to provide children with Down syndrome the opportunity to grow up in a loving family! Your contributions allow us to offer our services at no cost to the families. Each year, we are able to facilitate approximately 40 adoptions, as well as provide support to families that decide to parent their child.

If you want to make a gift to support the NDSAN, just click this DONATE NOW link and you will be directed to the donation page for the DSAGC.  Once there, you can designate your gift to the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network and the DSAGC will make sure that your entire gift will directly support the work of the NDSAN.

Connection to the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati

Since its inception, the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network has been closely connected to the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati (DSAGC).  The founder of the NDSAN, Robin Steele, was also one of the founding families of the DSAGC back in 1981.  Stephanie Thompson, Director of the NDSAN, is also a parent of a child with Down syndrome and has been involved in the DSAGC for years.  Both Robin and Stephanie live in Cincinnati and love the connection between the NDSAN and the DSAGC.

Even though programmatically, the NDSAN has great freedom, the DSAGC provides significant logistical, supervisory and financial support to the NDSAN.  We couldn’t do what we do to serve birth parents and adoptive families without them!  In order to keep the overhead down for the NDSAN, our finances are completely run through the DSAGC.

And as much as we love what we do, there is a cost to running the NDSAN.  All of our services are provided free to families. With the support of the DSAGC, we are able to accomplish all that we do, with an annual budget of less than $50,000.  Our budget covers the cost of informational materials, our website, insurance, phone costs, office supplies, travel to conferences to promote what we do and the staff time to support expectant and adoptive families.