International Adoption

If you are an expectant or birth parent that has received a diagnosis of Down syndrome and live outside the US,  please contact us. We will assist you in any way possible.

Although the focus of the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network is to ensure children in the United States find a loving home, we want to make sure that we provide resources to adoptive families that are interested in providing a loving home for children in other countries.

Below you will find agencies and programs that are committed to finding families for children with Down syndrome located outside of the US. Please know the NDSAN does not endorse any program; please do your research on each agency before signing with any organization:

Adoption Associates, Inc.
Adoption Associates, Inc. (AAI) serves to find families who are in the following countries: China (special needs) and Ethiopia. You can view information on waiting children with Down syndrome here.

Adopt International
Adopt International is a private, non-profit agency licensed by the State of California and Hawaii and accredited by the Council of Accreditation for Hague Compliance. We are strongly committed to supporting each of our families throughout their unique adoption and beyond. Adopt facilitates international adoptions in the following countries: Bulgaria, China, Korea and the Marshall Islands.

All Blessings International
ABI is a Christian agency. We realize that God tremendously loves ALL children, obviously regardless of race, national origin or special need. We seek to serve Christ by “Finding Families for God’s Children”. This service to God’s children includes offering child-placing services to families of all faiths, Private, non-directive, supporting counseling to women or couples facing an unplanned pregnancy, adoption home study services for KY, IN, TN, and MO families, and help for adoptive families in crisis.  We are a Hague accredited agency with child placing programs in China, Haiti, Burkina Faso, Latvia, Hong Kong and Taiwan for families throughout the United States.  Our Korea network and domestic programs are available to families residing in KY, IN, TN and MO.  All of our programs assist children with Down Syndrome or other special needs.

All God’s Children International
All God’s Children International is a non-profit orphan care ministry serving children, families, and communities with integrity, faith, and love. We’re dedicated to finding families for children through our Hague accredited international adoption programs in China, Colombia, Mexico, Bulgaria, Haiti, the Philippines, and Burundi. Particularly through our China partnership, we have a great need for families prepared to adopt a child with Down syndrome. Please fill out our free pre application to learn more about our waiting children.  

America World Adoption
America World Adoption is a faith-based charitable organization with an established, well-respected reputation among adoption professionals, government agencies and foreign adoption authorities. For over 20 years America World has been committed to maintaining integrity throughout the adoption process and advocating for the fatherless while seeking to place them in loving Christian families. The Waiting Child program has seen an increase in the number of Down syndrome children available for adoption. In addition to adoption, America World advocates for orphans through Welcoming Angels (hosting program), Storyteller Missions (orphanage mission trips), the Isaiah 1:17 Fund (orphanage support) and Orphan’s Ticket Home program. America World is Hague and COA accredited and a member of ECFA.

CCAI is a licensed, non-profit, Hague-accredited agency serving families in the US and around the world, and we have placed more than 11,000 children since 1992. Our China adoption program, our focus and specialty, has been ranked #1 worldwide by the CCCWA in China. Adoption is our passion; families benefit from our specialized and personal service; and our adoption costs are among the lowest in the field of international adoption. We wish to find caring parents and loving homes for as many abandoned healthy and special needs children as possible from China, Haiti, Bulgaria, Latvia and Ukraine.

Children’s Home Society and Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota
With a combined 275 years of experience, Children’s Home Society of Minnesota and Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota serve children and families through adoption, child welfare, and family preservation. We are driven by the understanding that a child in a safe, nurturing home is a child who thrives. Through our partnership, we connect families living nationwide with children in Bulgaria, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, India, Korea, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, St. Vincent & the Grenadines and Uganda. Through our Waiting Identified Children program, we seek nurturing permanent families for older children, siblings, children with histories of abuse and neglect, and children with medical conditions and special needs.

Children’s House International
Children’s House International is a non-profit international adoption agency, licensed since 1975. CHI consists of a team of dedicated professionals to help you through your adoption journey. What makes us different is that many of us who are helping you have adopted personally. We know what it takes to make the journey of international adoption successful. It’s not easy- it’s not for those faint of heart, because it will stretch your very essence. But it is so worth the journey. We know what all international adoptive parents know; we’d do it again in a heartbeat because the gift of a child is a true miracle. We are currently working in Bulgaria, China, Columbia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Hungary, India, Mexico, Poland, Romania and Ukraine.  Our waiting children can be viewed at:

Cradle of Hope Adoption Center, Inc.
Cradle of Hope is a nonprofit adoption agency with a 25 year history in international adoption. Our program is focused on helping Chinese orphans, including many with Down syndrome. We provide individualized service to each of our clients, supporting them throughout the adoption process, while overseas, and after they’re home with their new child. Our staff includes many adoptive parents, so we understand the adoption journey personally. Cradle of Hope is Hague-accredited by the Council on Accreditation and a member of National Council for Adoption. Our waiting children can be viewed at

Dillon International
Founded in 1972, Dillon International is a licensed, non-profit adoption and humanitarian aid agency. Our Waiting Child Program is honored to find families for children with a variety of special needs, including Down syndrome. Dillon offers adoption services in China, Colombia, Haiti, Hong Kong, India, South Korea and Vietnam, as well as a domestic adoption program offered in collaboration with Oklahoma’s Department of Human Services to find adoptive families for waiting children in the state’s foster care system.  Dillon is committed to serving every child and adoptive family for a lifetime, offering pre-adoption education, counseling, heritage camps, birthland tours and birth family search services.

European Adoption Consultants offers child adoption services and adoption information for international adoptions through China, Haiti, Honduras, DRCongo, Colombia, Uganda, India, Bulgaria, Panama, Poland, Ukraine and Tanzania.

The Gladney Center for Adoption
The Gladney Center for Adoption serves to find families for children with varied types of special needs, including Down syndrome. Gladney is Hague Accredited by COA and is currently working in the following countries: China, Colombia, and Taiwan.  Please go to to see all of our waiting children.

Heartsent Adoptions
Heartsent Adoptions, Inc. is a Hague accredited full service, nonprofit, domestic and international adoption agency created to assist adopting individuals in the journey to find their heart’s desire – a child to love. We believe in bringing heart to the adoption process, providing support, education and kindness to unite children and parents as permanent and loving families. We have assisted in the placement of children from the United States and around the world, and feel honored to be a part of the miracle of the creation of families.

Recently, Heartsent has renewed our orphanage program with Tianjin. Through this partnership our agency has the opportunity to provide the orphanage with on-going support including training for orphanage staff, providing much needed equipment, coordinating assessment and rehabilitative services for the children (such as physical therapy) and aiding orphanage staff in preparing children’s adoption files which will include a thorough evaluation of each child’s current condition as well as recent photos. Through this partnership, we have a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the Tianjin special children and to better advocate for them in China and abroad as we search for their forever families. Several children are already on our agency’s individual list waiting for their forever families here.

Hopscotch Adoptions
Hopscotch is a collaborative undertaking by experienced professional and volunteer child advocates. Each partner working with Hopscotch has been involved in orphan relief and adoptive placement of children; most are adoptive parents as well. Hopscotch represents their commitment to placing orphaned children from the Armenia, Bulgaria, Republic of Georgia, Ghana, Morocco, and Serbia with loving families in the U.S. and abroad.  An important part of that commitment is helping to prepare our client families to be great adoptive parents. We are equally passionate about providing direct humanitarian aid to the children who remain in orphanages.

Nightlight Christian Adoptions
Nightlight Christian Adoptions is an interdenominational ministry dedicated to serving orphans around the world through adoptions and orphan relief. We specialize in domestic and embryo adoptions and offer international adoption programs for China, Bulgaria, Haiti, Hong Kong, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Panama, Nicaragua, Uganda, Taiwan, Ukraine, and Romania.

Our ministry is involved in humanitarian work in many countries to help those orphans who will not be adopted. We provide food, playground and rehabilitation equipment to orphanages and, where permitted, share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with orphans and street children.

Nightlight Christian Adoptions is a Hague accredited, non-profit licensed child-placing agency with offices in California, Colorado, South Carolina, and Kentucky. We are also members of the National Council For Adoption and the National Christian Adoption Fellowship.

Nightlight Christian Adoptions serves to find families for children who are in the following countries: China, Bulgaria, Haiti, Hong Kong, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Panama, Nicaragua, Uganda, Taiwan, Ukraine, and Romania.

Reece’s Rainbow

Reece’s Rainbow is a a nonprofit advocacy and grant foundation specifically for the adoption of children with Down syndrome from overseas orphanages and institutions.  In 10 years, we have disbursed more than $13 million in adoption grant funding, and helped bring home nearly 2000 disabled orphans into loving forever families.  Reece’s Rainbow is the premier resource for families seeking adopt children with Down syndrome internationally.

Saint Mary International Adoptions

We are a 501(c)3 Non-Profit, Christian adoption agency.  We have served our parents with adoptions from Poland and Bulgaria since 2001.  We are Hague Accredited by COA and also Hague Accredited in Poland to carry out Polish adoptions.

Our agency is pleased to find families for children with all types of special needs, including Down syndrome.

We are committed to serving our parents in any way we can, from pre-adoption education, to making the paperwork stages easy to manage, to following the family’s journey abroad, to post adoption services and counseling.  To learn more about us, please click here.

WACAP – World Association for Parents and Children
Contact or call 206-575-4550
WACAP serves orphans with Down Syndrome and other individual needs in Bulgaria, China, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia,  Haiti, India, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and the US.

Wide Horizons For Children

Since 1974, Wide Horizons For Children has been dedicated to the security and well-being of vulnerable and orphaned children worldwide. Through our Waiting Child program we find loving homes for children with significant special needs, including Down Syndrome. We are Hague accredited and dedicated to the highest ethical practices before, during and after placement.  Considered a leading agency, Wide Horizons finds homes for children from Burundi, China, Colombia, the Philippines and South Korea – as well as those born in the US. We will work closely with each family to ensure that they are ready and confident to welcome a child with Down Syndrome into their home.