Meet Caleb

Meet Caleb

Meet Caleb from Florida. Caleb is 15 years old and has Down syndrome. Only families from Florida are being considered at this time. Placement fees are waived since this is an adoption from foster care.

Meet Caleb!

Caleb (15) is a young man that is laid back and enjoys spending time with his foster family. Caleb is not a picky eater and has a healthy appetite!

Caleb’s favorite tv show is SpongeBob and is known to spend much of his free time playing with his trucks and cars.

Although he is learning independence, Caleb will need assistance with daily self-care and hygiene tasks. He will benefit from a family who is patient and generous with their time to ensure Caleb continues to address his developmental needs.

Placement fees are waived since this is an adoption from foster care.

At this time, you MUST reside in Florida.

If you are interested in Caleb and you are on the NDSAN registry, please email Molly, and she will send your home study and family profile to her worker.

If you are not on the NDSAN registry, but you are interested in Caleb, please click on the "Inquire About This Child" button on Caleb's page here.

Please know that Caleb may be placed by the time your home study is completed, and getting a home study will not guarantee Caleb's placement with your family. If you are new to the adoption process and would like to learn more about adoption, please start with our webinar here.

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