Meet Jaycean

Meet Jaycean

Meet Jaycean from South Dakota. Jaycean is 9 years old and has Down syndrome. ICWA-approved families are preferred at this time, and fees will be waived because Jaycean will be adopted from foster care.

About Jaycean

**All applications will be accepted, however, preference will be given to ICWA families with a pre-approved home study**

Jaycean is a happy and energetic boy who loves to meet new people and give hugs. Jaycean likes school and benefits from support in the classroom to stay on task and be successful. Jaycean is learning to count, identify colors and letters, likes to play with dolls and be outdoors. Jaycean would be a great addition to a loving and nurturing forever family who can share his love for pizza, hot dogs and Spiderman.

In order to be considered for Jaycean, YOU MUST HAVE A HOME STUDY. You must have a domestic home study that approves you to adopt a child with special needs. 

If you are interested in Jaycean and you are on the NDSAN registry, please email Molly and she will send your home study and family profile to his worker.

If you are not on the NDSAN registry, you must have your worker send your information directly to Jaycean's worker. Your worker should have an account with Adopt US Kids, and they can see Jaycean's information here

If you do not have a home study, please know that Jaycean may be placed by the time your home study is completed, and getting a home study will not guarantee Jaycean placement with your family. If you are interested in the adoption process, please start here.


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