Meet Joleen

Meet Joleen

Meet Joleen from Massachusetts. Joleen is 10 years old and has Down syndrome. Only families from New York and New England states are being considered at this time. Placement fees are waived since this is an adoption from foster care.

Meet Joleen!

Joleen, also known as JoJo is a happy, sunny girl of Caucasian descent. JoJo is described as having a big personality. She loves the outdoors. Upon first meeting, JoJo may appear shy but once she feels comfortable, she will smile and become more interactive with new people. She is able to form positive relationships with others.

JoJo attends a specialized classroom setting due to being diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

Legally freed for adoption, JoJo's social worker is seeking a family of any constellation that can provide a structured routine and that has a strong support network. JoJo would do well with younger children or as an only child. A family for JoJo will need to support her relationship with her birth family.

Placement fees are waived since this is an adoption from foster care.

At this time, you MUST reside in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island or Vermont.

If you are interested in Jojo and you are on the NDSAN registry, please email Stephanie and she will send your home study and family profile to her worker.

If you are not on the NDSAN registry, but you have an updated home study and are immediately available to adopt, please fill out our form here. The form will be sent to Jojo's worker. If Jojo's worker feels you may be a possible good fit, they will contact you. 

Please know that Joleen may be placed by the time your home study is completed, and getting a home study will not guarantee Joleen's placement with your family. If you are new to the adoption process and would like to learn more about adoption, please start with our webinar here.

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