Children in Foster Care

Below is a list of children with Down syndrome in foster care within the United States. Please note: We do not post about private adoption situations; situations directly from expectant or birth families are kept confidential and not shared online.

Meet Miley

Meet Miley from Massachusetts. Miley is 8 years old and has Down syndrome, and families from Massachusetts are being considered at this time. Placemen...

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Meet Amanda and Charles

Meet Amanda and Charles! These siblings have strong bond and will be adopted together. Families from any state can be considered for this cheerful bro...

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Meet Daniel

Meet Daniel from Tennessee. Daneil is 16 years old and has Down syndrome. Placement fees are waived since this is an adoption from fost...

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Meet Devlin

Meet Devlin from Massachusetts. Devlin is 14 years old and has Down syndrome, and there are no fees for his adoption.

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