Meet Cheyenne

Meet Cheyenne

Meet Cheyenne from Tennessee. Cheyenne is 16 years old and has Down syndrome. There are no fees for the adoption of Cheyenne, and families within Tennessee are preferred, but families who live in surrounding states with special needs parenting experience will also be considered.

Cheyenne is a happy child who can bring a smile to anyone's face! She is a cute, joyful child who does well in the classroom and who is very thoughtful and caring of others. Cheyenne thrives in a learning environment. She loves learning and discovering new concepts, and working on goals. Cheyenne also likes fun and enjoyable indoor and outdoor activities. She is a young lady who is full of potential and a joy to be around.

You can view Cheyenne's profile on AdoptUSKids here. If you have an interest in Cheyenne and you are not on our registry, please have your worker send your home study and family profile to the worker listed on her page..

You can view her DCS profile here.

Click here for her video!

There are NO fees for her adoption.

If you are interested in Cheyenne, you live in Tennessee, and you do NOT have a home study, Cheyenne’s workers will still consider your family, if they feel you would be a good fit for Cheyenne. Contact us here and let us know you are interested in more information on Cheyenne.

If you are on registry and you are interested in Cheyenne, contact us here.

If you do not have a home study, please know that Cheyenne may be placed by the time your home study is completed, and getting a home study will not guarantee Cheyenne's placement with your family. If you are interested in the adoption process, please start here.

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