Meet Logan

Meet Logan

Meet Logan! He is 14 years old and has Down syndrome. Logan lives in New Jersey, but his forever-home can be with a family in any state. Fees will be waived since Logan will be adopted from foster care.

Meet Logan! 

Logan is known to be very extroverted, friendly, affectionate and you will feel very warm and welcomed being around him.   He will greet you with a big smile, a high five and, if you’re cool with it, a loving hug!  Some of Logan’s favorite places to visit are youth friendly aquariums, museums and trampoline parks (prepare yourself for a possible jumping competition!)   One of Logan’s comfort activities to do inside the home is playing with his toy truck or car collections, rolling them or crashing them together on the floor.  What really makes him feel loved is when someone special is on the floor sharing that play activity with him.  He also likes race cars, the Incredible HULK action figure, and the HULK cartoons.  

Logan looks forward to his regularly scheduled visits with his brother, and weather permitting they both enjoy being outside, running around releasing their energy together or playing in a park.  Logan would do well in a home with or without other children and pets, however he does like big dogs. 

He would do very well in a family that could ensure continued contact with his brother, who can also be affectionate, patient and attentive to his needs.  He will require a family who is willing to commit to his lifelong care, and who can assist him in being successful throughout his adulthood.  Families from any state are being considered at this time. 

If you are interested in Logan and you are on the NDSAN registry, please email Stephanie and she will send your home study and family profile to his worker.

If you have a home study, but you are NOT on the NDSAN registry, please have your worker send your home study and family profile to Logan's worker, who is listed on his page here. (Logan's worker's information is visible to those who have an account with AdoptUSKids.) The NDSAN cannot send your information if you are not on our registry. 

If you do not have a home study, please know that Logan may be placed by the time your home study is completed, and getting a home study will not guarantee Logan's placement with your family. If you are interested in the adoption process, please start here.

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