Meet Noah

Meet Noah

Meet Noah from Massachusetts. Noah is 8 years old and has Down syndrome. Placement fees are waived since this is an adoption from foster care. Only Massachusetts families can be considered at this time, to keep Noah connected to his siblings.

I love to make people laugh!

Noah is a sweet, bubbly, loving little boy. He has tons of energy and is a natural-born performer. He loves to dance, sing, play dress up, and put on a show! He loves music and wants to sing along to all his favorite songs. Noah's silliness is infectious and adorable. It is so much fun to spend time with Noah.

Noah is a social butterfly. He is able to maintain positive relationships with peers and adults. Noah is happy in school, and he has been making great progress. Noah is of Haitian descent and had spent about a year living in Haiti when he was young. While Noah speaks English, he does understand some Haitian Creole. He also has spent time with Spanish-speaking caretakers and understands some Spanish as well.

Due to his needs, Noah will do best in a two-parent home. While Noah is being recruited for separately, Noah's social worker is open to him being adopted together with two of his siblings.  If Noah is adopted separately, then his adoptive family needs to be prepared and dedicated in supporting Noah's relationships with all his siblings.

At this time, only families from Massachusetts are being considered, to keep sibling connections. 

Placement fees are waived since this is an adoption from foster care.

If you are interested in Noah and you are on the NDSAN registry, please email Stephanie, and she will send your home study and family profile to his worker.

If you are interested in Noah and you are not on the NDSAN registry, please have your worker send your home study to Stephanie here.

Please know that Noah may be placed by the time your home study is completed, and getting a home study will not guarantee Noah's placement with your family. If you are new to the adoption process and would like to learn more about adoption, please start with our webinar here.

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