Meet T

Meet T

CONNECTICUT FAMILIES ONLY. Meet T.  She is 20 years old and has Down syndrome. There are no fees for her adoption. T needs to stay in Connecticut in order to maintain her relationship with her extended family and to keep the services in place for her.

Meet T (not her real name)! She is a vibrant, 20 year old Hispanic female. T loves to dance, swim, play cards, listen to music, draw, and write her name. She also loves coffee! She can speak Spanish, which is a cultural aspect that will be important for her to maintain in her new forever family. She is afraid of dogs and struggles with down time or abrupt changes in her routine. She loves to take walks, go shopping, get her hair and nails done, and attend church on Sundays. She is able to handle short car rides that are less than 40 minutes. T is very close with her grandmother, who maintains a consistent, positive relationship with her.

T is in need of family that can care for her long term. T is considered “Medically Fragile” due to her diagnoses of Down Syndrome, Celiac Disease, and Type 1 Diabetes, which requires 5 to 7 insulin shots per day. T also presents with behavioral challenges and needs support in using her coping skills.

T needs a forever family that is able to understand and care for her emotional, behavioral, and medical needs. T’s forever family should be patient and have experience caring for or working with a youth with a trauma history and extensive medical needs. Her forever family can also be trained and educated on how to best care for T and meet her needs, if willing to learn. Her forever family should allow T to remain in contact with her grandmother, who is very important to her, and be willing to keep her connected with her religious faith. Her forever family must also be located in Connecticut, as deemed by DCF, or be willing to move to Connecticut so that her support services are maintained.

If you are interested in learning more about T, please contact her Permanency Specialist,
Rose Rivera, at 203-759-7051 or via email at


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