Meet the G2 Family


We received a call on October 1st, 2008 from the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network about an unborn baby girl due Jan.10, 2009. She was to be born with Down syndrome and Duodenal Atresia (intestinal blockage) that would require surgery shortly after birth. Of course we said yes! On December 8th, we received a call from the agency that the birth mother was on her way to the hospital for a C-section and our baby girl would be born in a few hours! We went into the hospital and were introduced to our precious baby girl. We hugged each other with tears of joy in our eyes! This is the first picture of Janae when we entered the room-

After settling into the NICU Janae had her surgery on Dec 12 at 4 days old. The surgery was successful and her G-tube was feeding her around the clock. Here are pictures of after her surgery and on Jan. 5, 2009 when we were released from the hospital to take Janae home.

Family and friends welcomed us home with our precious new bundle! We settled in pretty quickly of our new routine of feeding. By this time we had been actively involved with Early Intervention services and therapists were coming to our home to provide therapy.

On Nov.5, 2009 we went to court to finalize Janae's adoption. What a day of celebration for our family! I made Janae's dress and a matching colored skirt for Elizabeth and me. The judge was awesome and spoke to each one of us with nice comments. Note how Janae made herself comfortable by resting her foot on the judge's desk! A perfect day it was!!!

We have learned a lot about Down syndrome and watched Janae accomplish milestones. Yes they were achieved later than her peers, but we are so happy to see her growth.   Our lives have been so enriched by her adoption into our family. Yes we have our challenges too but what family doesn't. We don't know what the future holds for Janae, but we will be right there every step of the way. Rejoicing with her for everything she is able to accomplish! I hope you have learned a little more about our family, how much we love our children, and how blessed we are by them.

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