Meet the K. Family


Paul and I felt God was calling us to adopt again in late 2017.  We adopted Frannie and Finton from China in 2015 and they have brought so much joy and completeness to our family!  We heard about the National Down Syndrome Adoption Network and how 20 to 30 families in the USA who get a diagnosis of Down syndrome make an adoption plan every year.  Frannie has Down syndrome and we knew it was a manageable special need that was near and dear to our hearts.  We saw there was a need for more families on the registry so that each biological family had multiple adoptive families to choose from.  We knew there was a chance we could wait a while to be matched with a birth family considering we already had 6 biological children and 2 adopted children, but we went into this adoption with full hearts expecting a match.  Our home study was completed in May 2018 and our wait began.

On February 12, 2019 we submitted our 14th application to adopt a child with Down syndrome. He was Asian and his family was hoping to have other Asian children in the home.  We got a call a week later that his biological family wanted to speak with us on the phone.  That was one of the most nerve-wracking phone calls of our lives!  We had a good conversation and the next day we were told they wanted to move forward so that we could adopt their son, who we decided to call Theo.  Our children were ecstatic, and we facetimed many family members late that night to share our wonderful news! 

We traveled across the country on March 13th and had a lovely dinner with his biological parents on the 14th.  We were able to learn more about their culture, share more about our family and our dreams for Theo, and hear their hearts about how much they loved their son and wanted what they believed was best for him.  On the 15th we met them one last time and they placed Theo in our arms.  We could tell just how much they loved him and it was a bittersweet afternoon.  We have an open adoption relationship with his parents and it has been so clear to us that this match was God ordained.  And Theo is absolutely PERFECT in every way.  His siblings rarely put him down, he has the sweetest belly laugh and we cannot walk by anyone without them reminding us just how adorable he is!  We are so honored to have been chosen to raise Theo!


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