Meet the M Family


The word adoption holds so many emotions for me. I tear up every time I read the word or even say it. 

In my husband's line of work, he often sees abuse or neglect of children. After one specific incident, he came home in tears. It took a few days before he finally came to me and asked if we could look into adoption because so many children need a loving home. I gladly agreed. We decided to look into adopting through the foster system and was able to complete our home study before Covid-19 hit.

It was only a few weeks later that we heard from Stephanie with NDSAN about a little boy who might be a good match for our family if we were interested. We read his biography and it felt like I was holding my baby for the first time. I cried, and my husband hugged me. We knew this was our child. Our other children asked if they could see a picture and we shared one of his pictures with them. Our 5 year old exclaimed, "He looks just like me!" That next week was the longest week of my life as we waited to hear if we were selected. On day five, I vividly remember waking up worried in the middle of the night because we were so far into the week and had not heard an answer about if we had been chosen. I spent so much time on my knees that week praying and trusting God that he had a plan for our family and a plan for baby K. When Monday came around, I emailed Stephanie and told her I understood I wasn't supposed to be asking, but if she could please give us any update, we would be grateful. I don't think I will ever find a more compassionate woman than Stephanie. She knew my heart, and she understood it's ache. She graciously said she would find out more details. Later that day we were contacted by the baby's case social worker who said the family would like to have a phone call with us. Mike and I were so nervous for the phone call. When we heard the other mother's voice on the line, a peaceful feeling rushed over us. My heart was at ease and I instantly loved her. The next day we received a phone call from Stephanie saying, "Congratulations Mama!" I still sob whenever I think of those words. 

Baby K was born in the Ukraine and adopted at the age of 2. He weighed 13 pounds at the time. The family who adopted him was in the Ukraine adopting another little boy when the mother looked in Baby K's crib next to her baby and saw that he would die if she did not adopt him. She asked the orphanage director if she could bring him home as well, and they agreed. This mother told me over the phone that she feels like she was letting God down because she no longer could take care of Baby K, but she knew God wanted her to bring him home from the Ukraine. I was overcome with emotion because I did not feel she was letting God down. She was only part of a bigger plan to bring my baby to me. I will forever love her for making such a big sacrifice.

In planning for an adoption, we budgeted for a foster system adoption, which is significantly less expensive than a private adoption. To get Baby K, it was considered private, which made the price skyrocket, but somehow God held our hand through the process so we were able to get the funds and bring our baby home.

I can still feel the tears stinging my face as I ran to the car that carried Baby K to us when we got to meet and hold him for the first time. He is perfect. He is perfect for our family, and it was meant to be. We cannot imagine our life without him and are so thankful for Stephanie with NDSAN. She completed us. 


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