Meet Miley

Meet Miley

Meet Miley from Massachusetts. Miley is 9 years old and has Down syndrome, and families from Massachusetts and surrounding states are being considered at this time. Placement fees are waived since this is an adoption from foster care.

Meet Miley!

Miley is an incredible nine-year old girl who has made so many gains over the past year! While Miley has made many gains she still requires a significant amount of support and we are seeking a family that has the schedule and ability to provide her the care she needs to continue to grow and thrive. Miley is diagnosed with Down syndrome and a number of other medical diagnosis. Miley is non-verbal and communicates primarily through ASL and verbal cues. Her foster mom has done an amazing job helping her to learn signs and her cues. Miley has a bright smile that will light up a room when she is in it! She absolutely loves being around other people and music. 

Not yet "legally freed for adoption", we are seeking a family is able to help her keep connected to her siblings that she visits with regularly as well as her father. She will need a family that is able to be patient and has the time to transition her slowly and learn about her routines and medical care that she requires. Miley is a joy that bring so much happiness to a family! 

Placement fees are waived since this is an adoption from foster care.

In order to be considered for Miley, you must reside in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, New York, or Connecticut, and be willing to travel for transition and visits with family. 

Please read additional information on Miley below: 

Hi Friend. You are receiving this letter because you are in some way connected to a very special little girl named Miley. You may be a friend, doctor, therapist, teacher, neighbor, or someone involved in the special needs community. Miley has been in the custody of the Department of Children and Families for the past 18 months. Miley’s goal is now adoption. We are doing our very best to find a loving, forever family for Miley as she truly thrives in a family environment but we are having a difficult time given the realities of Covid and how unique Miley’s needs are. Over the past 18 months Miley has made huge gains developmentally, physically, socially, emotionally, and most of all, with her communication. In her current foster home she is working hard to learn American Sign Language (she now has over 150 signs!!), walking with her gait trainer, and practicing her play skills. Miley enjoys being part of a family and really thrives with lots of love and positive attention. She has a great relationship with her two foster sisters and is very bonded to her newborn foster brother. She is gentle, kind, and loving with him. Miley does not have any significant behavioral issues at this time. She can be stubborn and unmotivated but when goals are set for her, she will work to reach them with one on one support. Miley sleeps through the night and is potty trained. Her medical needs are currently stable at this point in time. She is fully tube fed and does beautifully with her organic whole foods formula. We are hoping to find a family who is loving, connected, and up for the challenge of helping this little lady reach her full potential. While you may not be an adoptive resource, you may know someone who is, or you may have an idea of an organization that could help. No bit of information is too small as we face this challenging task! A prospective family WHO RESIDES IN MASSACHUSETTS does not need to have a completed home study. (If live outside of Massachusetts, you must have a home study). We are able to walk them through that process step by step. 

If you are interested in Miley and you are on the NDSAN registry, please email Stephanie and she will send your home study and family profile to her worker.

If you are not on the NDSAN registry, but you RESIDE IN MASSACHUSETTS and you are interested in additional information on Miley, please fill out our form here. Once you receive a call or email back you are able to request to speak directly to her foster mom about what Miley’s day to day life looks like and what she needs from a family. 

Please know that Miley may be placed by the time your home study is completed, and getting a home study will not guarantee Miley's placement with your family. 

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