For Adoption Agencies

The National Down Syndrome Adoption Network is a program of the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati.

We are not an adoption agency.

We are not a facilitator.

We are not an attorney.

Our program is considered a “connection point” between expectant/birth families, and adoptive families.

We charge no fees for our services.

We have a registry of families who are home study-ready to adopt, and feel called to adopt a child with Down syndrome.

If you have a family who wants to make an adoption plan for their child with Down syndrome, we can help. Please text or call us at 513-709-1751, or contact us here. Please know that someone will respond to you as soon as possible.

If you are a state agency looking for help with finding families for a child in your custody, we can help. Check out everything we can do for you on our page here.

If you have an adoptive family who wants to get on our registry, please know the home study must be updated, signed, and the family must be immediately available to adopt. If the home study was completed by the state, please confirm that their home study can be used outside of the state’s jurisdiction, and for any type of adoption (private or public) in any state.

Please contact us here and let us know you have a home study-ready family who would like to join the NDSAN Registry.

If you are an international agency looking for families for children outside of the United States, please know that the NDSAN is solely a domestic program. Please view our “International Adoption” page here.

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